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Our mission is twofold.

First, we want to provide the most intuitive and accessible marketing and media services possible to the numismatic community. General marketing companies simply don’t know our industry the way we do; with our numismatic background, we can hit the ground running, contributing to the conversation on day one.

Second, we strive to be a mouthpiece for the numismatic community to the rest of the world. As a community, we have acknowledged the need to reach new and younger audiences, but how to do that remains an unanswered question. While we certainly don’t have the magic answer (yet), we commit to searching for ways to push the hobby forward into future generations.



Lianna Spurrier

Lianna Spurrier

Lianna Spurrier

Creative Director

Lianna started collecting over 10 years ago, and started working in the field professionally in 2018. She has a bachelor's degree in Convergent Media with minors in Spanish and Visual Communication.


Ian Garner

Lianna Spurrier

Lianna Spurrier

Content Marketing Specialist

Ian’s experience in print, video, and social media have made him an invaluable addition to the team.  He has a bachelor’s degree in History which has drawn him into the world of numismatics, where he enjoys connecting the two.